Park - Zurich, Switzerland

Michiel van den heuvel zurich pleinair michielvdheuvel

End result

Michiel van den heuvel 1 shapes

Probably spent a lot of time just sitting and trying to make this readable.

Michiel van den heuvel img 3194

The view - tried real hard to capture a proper shot with the iphone

Michiel van den heuvel img 3195

My setup. Got a few odd looks from the locals but who cares!

My first digital plein air session was part of a 2 day workshop in Zurich, Switzerland. It was hosted by Shaddy Safadi and Eytan Zana. I Learned a ton of valuable stuff and had a great time! It took me a while to get familiar with painting outdoor It's crazy how much you learn from just one session. One thing I noticed is that I was spending too long on a composition and getting accurate shapes. In the end it was getting dark, so I missed out on actually painting colors. Luckily I took photo's throughout the day and finished the painting at home.