Michiel van den Heuvel
Michiel van den Heuvel
Environment concept artist & illustrator
Eindhoven, Netherlands


Hi! My name is Michiel. I'm a freelance artist living in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

My passion : Painting backgrounds, designing environments for games, animation projects and visual novels. I love playing with tools such as VR sculpting and procedural techniques for efficient workflow in 3D!

My ambition: I hope to one day become a fully independent artist. I want to grow by learning from other talented creatives and obtain experience by working on large game- & animation projects. Maybe one day I could work on film as well, and pitch one of my personal projects to major studios.

Previous experience: I have worked on PC & mobile projects as a background painter. I regularly work on concept art and marketing illustrations, which allows me to step out of my comfort zone and put to use the techniques I learned online!

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Software proficiency

Quixel Mixer
Quixel Mixer
Gravity Sketch
Gravity Sketch
Quixel Suite
Quixel Suite
Medium by Adobe
Medium by Adobe


  • Various studios at Freelance
    January 2014 - Present

    Visual novels, mobile- & pc games, animation projects, marketing artwork and more.

  • Background artist at Cheese Broccoli Studios
    January 2018 - Present

    Designing and painting cartoony backgrounds for a educational dungeon-crawler mobile game 'Drugs & Diseases' https://www.cheesebroccolistudio.com/

  • Concept artist at Star Ark Ltd
    United States of America
    December 2020 - Present

    Designing and illustrating 2D background art for the development team

  • Background artist at Smiling Meerkat Studio
    October 2020 - April 2021

    Card art designs for a unannounced board game in development

  • Concept artist at Reddlock Studios
    April 2020 - July 2020

    Concept art for an upcoming educational science-related game about classical physics and quantum physics. 'Science Tales' developed by Reddlock Studio


  • Marketing artist at Legends of Sora
    July 2018 - February 2019

    Designing and illustrating concept art, as well as marketing images for the online novel 'Legends of Sora' as written by Broc Sewell https://legendsofsora.com/

  • Concept artist at Studio Blonk
    Apeldoorn, Netherlands
    November 2016 - January 2016

    Visual Development for the Entertainment industry. Most recent project : Theme park ride- concept art


  • Pocket Quest at Art King Studio
    January 2013 - July 2013

    Concept art, Background paintings, U.I and character design for PocketQuest, a mobile RPG.


  • Race Day Challenge at ArtKing Studio
    January 2013 - July 2013

    Vehicle, prop en U.I design for RaceDayChallenge, a mobile racing tycoon game.


  • World of Difference at Monkey Bizniz
    Utrecht, Netherlands
    January 2012 - July 2012

    Concept art and background design for 'Wereld van Verschil' a Therapeutic PC game developed for young people dealing with ( imminent ) grief. A virtual world was designed to help them deal with their grief, fear and other worries, but also to encourage them to remember and rejoice. In addition, it is a platform to keep and share memories with other young people reminding them that they are not alone.