Finished, not perfect

General / 16 February 2015

This week I learned something important about practicing. Often I would sketch, study or doodle something and then refrain from showing it to people. I would worry that it dind't look good.

But it's not supposed to look perfect. or very good. I realised that practice is more about learning than making a pretty picture. If I wanted to make something perfect, I would construct an image with all the knowledge and tools I have at my disposal.

Now, I just started doodling and trying out new brushes ( Thanks to Noah Bradley for sharing his brush presets ) and came back the next day to tinker on the values and textures a bit more.

Even though I'm not happy with many things in this picture, I wanted to show it because there are things that I do like; the range of values, some textures in the rocks and background and the composition. And more importantly, I still enjoy coming back to a sketch and realised that failing isn't so bad, just as long as you learned something from it.