General / 05 December 2014
I am trying to apply what I learned the other week. By studying paintings of the old masters I hope top improve my compositions and reach a better understanding of interesting values.
My paintings are still boring though.

*2015 edit*  Paul Briggs actually liked this painting. I felt so excited!

Robot in a Field

General / 17 November 2014
A whimsical landscape sketch with a robot :) I quite like how the colors turned out. But while I was working on this sketch, I realised I need to study more in order to understand how to paint textures such as light reflecting on metal.

Create or die :v

General / 21 October 2014
It's important to make things for yourself. Just for you. It doesn't matter what it is you're making, how much time you spent on it, what technique you're trying or for whom you're making it. As long as you are enjoying the process. Sit down, start creating and just find out where your creativity can take you !


Project tinkering

General / 11 August 2014
So these are some quick color overlays on a greyscale 3D blockmesh. The majority liked the two left thumbnails most of all. Eventually the client and I decided the top left would be taken to the next stage of development. 

Visual novel project in progress !

General / 29 July 2014
Part of an on-going project. This will become one of many point & click play levels for an Android phone game. 

I just finished settting up the lighting and mood. Time to make some color keys.

Doesn't know how to use brushes properly

General / 27 May 2014
I have a feeling I am not using my brushes the correct way. My values in this painting seem to work and so does the composition, sort of I suppose. But when it comes to painting the actual elements that tell the story, I find myself seriously lacking fire power. I believe I should do some more studies of rocks, plants, foliage. Time to get outside...

Sketching something fantastical

General / 12 May 2014
I took one of my thumbnail assignments and tried to paint a interesting scene. Storytelling and design are still big obstacles. :)